And this is twenty-thirteen

Sigh of relief. Feeling euphoric as I officially enter my first moments of being completely self-employed! I’m not even scared, no hesitations. Naturally I am aware of the responsibility I have laid out for myself, but it is so freeing at the same time. As an employee and a human in general, I am very much a people pleaser, and now I am thinking that the only person I need to please with my actions is me! My boss is going to love me! I am excited about this new phase in life. Being independent, a full fledged business owner!


Love and Merriment

Like we need an excuse to get together and have fun…Lauren and Leslie know how to celebrate the holidays: fun clothes, cookies, and all the right decor. Pictures to remember the good time. AND a good excuse to update the blog.

Out of my element

“The launch wasn’t bad. A little scary. Some jolting, a few moments of panic that this might be the first failed launch since the early days of the shuttle. The movies hadn’t made it plain how much violence you could experience, lying on your back in a soft chair.”

Orson Scott CardEnders Game

I re-read this passage without fully inhaling or exhaling for a continuous 30 minutes. I sat quietly huffing and puffing in my seat of the Boeing 737 airplane that felt like it was going to drop out of the midday sky. The clouds were so dense after a spewing a thick winter coat of snow on the Portland earth. I imagined holding a butter-knife in my sweaty hands, cutting away a path, slices of cake from the fluffy white clouds – vanilla flavored death – suffocated and thrown back to the earth by whipping cream. I always knew the sweets would get me in the end.

Space travel, futuristic stories and books have created a much needed barrier of whats real and not real that I’m able to feel the jolts of my plane and apply the sensations to the heros in the stories I read, if they are brave and survive, then I must as well.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my fear, the anxiousness that builds as the wheels of the plane pull away from the safe surface of earth, but at least I can escape for moments at a time to the images provided from words as I read in between the lines…




Did you feel that?

I’m obviously off to a great start with the 52 projects. End of week 2 and I briefly considered sewing that old shirt into a pillow… but really, I guess I’m not going to do a project just to do it, especially if I am as busy as I am – I’ll get around to that eventually. Oh did I mention I’m a procrastinator?


My massage room:

So this is where I spend all my time. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, its a pretty big room with a nice flow and I love the natural light.

It’s always comfortably warm and I play only the best music.

I try to keep a subtle (real subtle) blend of lavender and cedarwood aroma in the air; however sometimes there is a strong smell menthol and juniper from the sore muscle lotion I use during the deep tissue sessions.

I always use lotion – I despise oil. It’s slippery, ruins the sheets, and it ruins my clothes, and it probably will cause the skin on your back to breakout if you don’t shower immediately after your massage.

…..Ok, I swear I just felt an earthquake. No  joke, I am in bed getting ready to tucker off for the night and I felt this little, really soft almost like April was jumping on the bed or something – she wasn’t – and then I looked over at my glass of water and the liquid was rippling…rippling, believe it, or not.

April, did you feel that?

Goché Fiché Christmas

My mom reminded me that this was my first Christmas away from the nest, I honestly didn’t notice because I’ve been so busy and Christmas just felt kind of….like just another day. However Christmas was far from just another day! I was lucky enough to spend the holiday weekend with Masons family.

‘The Goché Fiché Christmas’

There was one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish….

And a bowl full of crab!

Reindeer Rides for everyone.

( 30lb weight max)

We opened presents one at a time so really savor the moment, but it seemed like it just allowed more time for the little ones eyes to get green with envy over what his brothers new toy was, but we all know that’s normal for chitlins.

And Christmas marked the first day of my 5 day long sickness. I got seasick. Bummer. No pictures of this, unfortunate huh?

I am definitely making crab a new Christmas tradition.

Unda Da Sea

How was your holiday?



An Undiscovered First

I’ve wanted a blog since day one. I’ve thought that I shouldn’t blog because I am not an entertaining writer or storyteller. I jump to the punchline. I take every shortcut to: THE END. So why am I here blogging? Well, I’m mostly bored due to a sick day at home in bed  and the little voice in my head saying ‘why the hell not, you deleted your facebook, and your internet persona must live on and thrive somewhere!’

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and projects and things I want to accomplish lately (for the last 23 years). I’ve even tossed around the idea of a new year resolution called 52 Projects: one project each week for the next year. 2012 is just days away and I think right here right now I’m going to commit to the 52 projects idea and share them here. Lucky.

Here’s a teaser:

Project #1

10 biggest moments of the year: A retrospective look at the year 2011


#10:I got those weird shoes

Yep, Gorilla feet. I just don’t care how they look though, walking in the woods will never be the same after feeling like a barefoot native without the inconveienience of sharp stones and other ouchie things.


#9: LOVE- Cirque Du Soleil

My boss took us all to Las Vegas for a chiropractic seminar and he also took us to see the cirque du soleil performance of Love by the Beatles. The only good thing Vegas has to offer.


#8:Threes Company

Jamey, Mason, and I are all living together again. My first roommates almost 4.5 years ago. Good Family.


#7:Moved to Bend

Ah, Bend. That was fun. Horny toads, morel mushrooms, brisk Oregon air, and the great wide open!


#6:The Oregon Country Fair

Great food and friends and fun. Memories that live all life long. Can’t wait for next year! A.O!


#5: Chromeo.o.o

With all the friends and crew, danced til dawn to cheesy love songs.



#4: Deleted my Facebook

This was a big deal. I am one of those people that had a facebook page when it wasn’t cool yet – when myspace was still all the rage. I feel like I’ve finally gotten over a love of the past – and moving on.


#3:Miranda Morehouse: Licensed Massage Therapist

I found my calling and am doing my thing! What a big deal for 2011! I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts, got my Massage Therapy License and now nothing can stop me!



My wonderdog. Sometimes I can’t believe I have a dog, and I also  can’t believe I ever lived without her.


#1:Mason Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

That was and is and always will be the biggest moment of 2011. Besides Mason getting diagnosed and both of us changing so many aspects of our life I was so touched by all the family and friends and even strangers who have been so helpful to Mason and I during our big transition.



Well there it is in all its punchline shortcut glory.

See you next Year. 2012 – Mayan Themed.